Our Patients are Helping the Community

We, at a A Step Ahead Foot & Ankle Center, are proud to announce that we are Business Members with Realities For Children.  RFC is an amazing organization that has brought area businesses and the community together to serve the needs of abused and neglected children all over Larimer County.  As a Business Member (or BM), [...]

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Now Serving Estes Park, CO

Estes Park has gained a new podiatrist.  Our very own Dr. Kate Johnson, DPM is now providing foot and ankle care to Estes Park, CO.  She will be available to see patients on Wednesdays.  Dr. Johnson's schedule is sure to fill up quickly, so make your appointment as soon as you know you need to [...]

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DISCLAIMER: We do NOT recommend doing what this person is doing in this photo!

I, too, love the snow, but never would you catch my bare skin coming into contact with these frigid flakes. Bundle up your tootsies when going out in the cold and/or snow, please.  Keeping your feet warm and cozy takes the proper attire to do so.  Just wearing any ol' socks and shoes isn't good enough [...]

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the staff and doctors of A Step Ahead Foot & Ankle Center

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Mother’s Day is Next Weekend

Mother's Day is just over a week away, but I couldn't wait to share this with everyone.  This really spoke to my heart, and I'm sure it will speak to yours.  Our relationships with our mothers are one of the most important in our lives.  Cherish yours and enjoy this read, but grab some tissues [...]

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To Wear These, or Not To Wear These…

that is the question.  These little 'glove' shoes have been a great debate among runners to those who simply just wear shoes.  Are they good for your feet?  Are they better than traditional running shoes?  Are they cute or are they the ugliest invention since socks were created? Here are some answers to those very [...]

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When Pigs Fly

This past Sunday was the Flying Pig 5K which supported Foothills Gateway.  We are a proud sponsor and were out in the highly gusty trenches to cheer on the runners and walkers.  It was COLD!  Following a flurry-filled couple of days, the weather could have been much worse, however.  At least it was sunny and [...]

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Happy Easter from the doctors at A Step Ahead Foot and Ankle Center…

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Spring Cleaning Shoe Organization

Could our weather be more beautiful? I think not.  If you're anything like me come springtime, you want to de-clutter, organize and clean (or maybe just one of the three).  Our closets can become a disaster and our shoe collection a heaping pile of mismatched chaos.  Does this photo look all too familiar? What to do [...]

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Paint your Piggies

This weather just makes me want to sing, dance...do cartwheels.  The buds on the trees are emerging, birds are singing, days are longer and brighter...spring is in the air, and it's beautiful! It's this time of year when we want to unleash our toes from the shoe-prisons they've been in all winter long and don sandals, [...]

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